4 Tips for Combating Dry Winter Skin

As the season changes towards cold temperatures and snowy forecasts, you might find yourself developing dry winter skin. As your skin loses moisture, it becomes dry, rough, and flaky.

It may not seem like a serious condition but as your skin dries up, it can lead to itchiness and irritation. As you lose more moisture in your skin, you can also develop cracks and stinging sensations in the affected areas.

Fortunately, dry winter skin can be treated with some adjustments to your daily routine. Hence, the team at Smudge Beauty Bar would like you to know how to keep your skin healthy during wintertime.

woman with dry skin in winter
moisturizer in hand

Moisturize Regularly

Replacing any lost moisture is a fundamental step in combating dry winter skin. As such it is useful to stock moisturizer in your home and keeps a travel-sized supply for when you are moving around.

It is especially important to moisturize after washing. Every time you wash your hands, face and body, the natural oils in your skin are stripped away. Moisturizing will allow you to replace those lost oils and improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Modify Your Skin Care

The particular facial treatments and skincare routine you use will require some adjusting to properly combat dry skin. Skin moisture is important for the products used in beauty treatments, so this is crucial for many people.

Some products for skin care might cause increased sensitivity and irritation in a dry winter ambiance, so you will have to replace those products or reduce the frequency of their use. Simply using moisturizer and sunscreen after you wake up and a cleanser with moisturizer before you sleep can work wonders. 

If your skin is already cracked and irritated, it might be best to avoid products that contain alcohol and fragrance. They can worsen the condition of your skin and increase the pain you feel significantly.

woman taking moisturizer from container
reducing exfoliation in winter

Reduce Exfoliation

Removing dead skin cells from your skin’s surface improves its health and smoothness but overdoing it in wintertime can make a bad situation worse. Exfoliation for dry winter skin should be avoided unless necessary.

If you do need to exfoliate, use products that are milder and avoid physical scrubs. More intense exfoliation from physical scrubs will break down your skin’s moisture barrier and make it more vulnerable to the elements.

Avoid exfoliating damaged skin at all costs. If you notice any cracks, increased sensitivity or irritation, wait until your skin has properly healed before any kind of exfoliation.

Protective Clothing

Choosing clothes that can protect your skin from the harsh winter weather can aid you in combating dry skin. The clothing limits the amount of cold, dry air that makes contact with your skin and allows you to easily maintain moisture.

Gloves are particularly useful in this situation, both indoors and outdoors. When stepping outside you should use gloves to keep your hands warm but when doing household chores, like washing dishes, a pair of gloves can also protect your skin. The right gloves will allow you to prevent hot water and chemical cleaners from breaking your skin’s moisture barrier.

The type of clothes you wear and how you keep them clean also factor into this. Loose comfortable clothes made with natural materials are less likely to irritate your skin. Also, you should use specially formulated detergents, devoid of alcohol and fragrances, to wash said clothes.

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Smudge Beauty Bar – Ottawa’s Skin Care Experts

Dry winter skin can be a serious problem if not handled properly. Some simple adjustments in your daily routine can combat the effects of the winter season and allow you still maintain smooth, vibrant, and healthy skin.

Please contact us if you need any help with skin care. Smudge Beauty Bar employs the best skin therapists to ensure you receive the best skin care available. We use the latest tools and innovations to help you put your best face forward. Any way you need it, we have the treatments that are sure to please.

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