Us lash lovers have a saying, ‘the longer the lash, the closer
to God’. Okay, so maybe you’re not looking for a spiritual
awakening but a flawlessly styled lashes & brows will have
doors (pearly white gates, anyone?) opening for you at the
snap of your freshly manicured fingers.

Lashes are lifted (curled) semi-permanently with a series of advanced perming solutions, to create a brighter, more opened appearance to the eye area, and darkened with tint. The end result is similar to using an eyelash curler + mascara. 

Recommended every 6 – 8 weeks, in keeping with natural lash hair growth.


Brow Lamination is an alternative to semi-permanent make-up, creating a fluffly-upward effect with your natural brows. A series of solvents is applied to the brows to achieve a high-fashion, fluffy type of brow. Whether you desire max-impact, runway-ready brows, or a gentle redirect to help tame the wild ones, Brow Lamination is sure to give you the lift
you’ve been longing for! 

This service includes tinting and brow waxing.

Recommended every 6–8 weeks, in keeping with natural brow hair growth.


Lashes are lifted, brows are laminated, heads are turning. This high-impact combo is sure to give you the extra lift you’ve been searching for! This service includes tinting of lashes & brows + shaping of the brows by waxing. $199

Semi-permanent individual lashes are bonded to your natural lashes to achieve a longer, fuller appearance. Refills are needed every 2- 3 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions looking
their best. Lashes which are not filled for more than 4 weeks will require removal + reapplication for the health & safety of your natural lashes.


Semi-permanent individual lashes are bonded to the specific areas of your lash extensions where natural shedding has occurred since your last lash application. This service is only available if previous lash work was performed at Smudge, less than 4 weeks before appointment. All other lash work requires a new application for the health & safety of your natural lashes.


Professional removal of eyelash extensions is highly recommended over attempting to do it yourself. Lashes are bonded with adhesive and require proper removal to avoid damage to your natural lashes. Alternatively, you can roll around with gnarly looking, overgrown lashes shedding one-by-one in keeping with your natural lash growth cycles. Please, just don’t tell anyone that we did your lashes.