Need a Fun Spa Day With Friends?

Yeah you do! Check out our sweet multi-guest beauty bar packages!
We can accommodate parties of all sizes, just give us a call! Our prices are listed for groups of 4 but we can easily accommodate for larger groups. Whether you’re looking for a bridal party spa package, bachelorette spa package, or wanting a fun pampering day out with friends, Smudge Beauty Bar has got you covered. 

At Smudge, we know chatting is half the fun, so all of our group packages include an additional 30 minutes
after estimated service completion to allow you some time
to chill with your pals after what we hope has been an
excellent experience!

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Our Group Spa Packages

Get the ultimate group manicure package with our hot wax shellac manicures. You and your friends will get a full service classic manicure that includes nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care, and massage, shellac paint, and a lovely hot wax treatment to moisturize, increase blood flow, and remove dead skin cells.

4 shellac manicures

4 hot wax treatments

1.5 hours


Our full service hot wax shellac pedicure includes soaking, nail shaping, cuticle care, full callous work, scrub, massage, shellac paint, and our relaxing hot wax treatment to finish and make your hands sparkle!

4 shellac pedicures

4 hot wax treatments

2 hours


Get the best of both worlds by getting both manis and pedis with a group of your closest friends. 

4 shellac manicures

4 shellac pedicures

4 hot wax treatments

2.5 hours


Is it A Special Occasion?

Interested in customizing your group event? Decor, snacks,
refreshments, entertainment?
Yesss, we love all that!
Send us an email with your ideas, we can set up a video
chat and ensure your event is planned to perfection. We
will customize space rental or special accommodation rates
on an individual basis, depending upon your personalized

Larger groups, spa birthday packages, pre-wedding experiences, bachelor & bachelorette parties, spa parties,
baby showers, bridal party spa packages, space rentals,
or any other type of event you can dream up, we’d love
to be a part of it!

To reserve a group package please email us at
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