Aesthetician vs Esthetician - What's the Difference?

Time and time again, people have confused the role of an aesthetician vs esthetician. This is an understandable mistake!

If you aren’t familiar with the differences between these two positions, we can see how they would become easily confused. So what are the key differences between these two skincare positions? We are so glad you asked!

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Aestheticians Vs Estheticians – What To Know

There are similarities between these two skincare specializations, however, there are several key differences.

What Is an Esthetician?
Estheticians are skin care experts you will find working in a salon, spa, or similar establishment.

Estheticians typically treat clients with general skin issues such as dry or oily skin. They focus on your face and neck region when treating your skin. They will examine your skin, and provide cleaning and care techniques for you to try.

What Is an Aesthetician?
Aestheticians, also known as clinical aestheticians, work in clinical settings. They are skin care specialists trained to assist in treating damaged skin. Examples of damaged skin include burns, surgery, chemotherapy, and trauma scarring.

Aestheticians possess medical knowledge and must undergo technical safety training. Some aestheticians focus on one area of skin care such as laser treatments, whereas others provide more general skin care services.

Differences Between Aestheticians & Estheticians

One of the major differences between these two professions is the setting in which their services are offered. In a clinical setting, you can expect to have more medically beneficial services performed such as laser treatments, and chemical skin peels in certain instances. Whereas in a salon or beauty bar setting you are more likely to have more beauty-oriented services provided such as facials, and hydrating skin treatments.

There are major benefits to both services, it will all come down to what you are looking for in your skincare treatment. Whether it be treating skin damage, or treating skin conditions, you can rest easy knowing between these two skincare professions you are covered.

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Required Training For Each Role

The required training for an aesthetician is as follows:

  • Obtain a secondary school diploma
  • Enroll in a medical aesthetics program at an accredited college
  • Intern at a clinic
  • Research licensing requirements
  • Find a job at a clinic


The required training for an esthetician includes:

  • Complete your secondary school diploma
  • Enroll in an esthetician program at an accredited college
  • Attend a co-op placement at a beauty business
  • Research licensing requirements in your region
  • Find a job or internship at a beauty bar


Both positions require detailed training specific to the services they will be performing. It is important to ensure all training is properly completed to have full confidence in your skincare experts!

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What Is A Dermalogica® Certified Skin Therapist?

Dermalogica® Certified Skin Therapists are a specific type of skin expert that receive education and training on how to help customers develop skincare routines that are suited specifically to their skin type. Knowing where to start, what your skin type is, major skin concerns, and which products to use can be extremely confusing. With Dermalogica Certified Skin Therapists, they take the uncertainty out of the decisions and they can help make informed recommendations.

These experts complete education with the skincare company Dermalogica in order to be well-versed in Dermalogica skin treatments. Dermalogica is one of the world’s leading skincare and education brands. They have been producing their products worldwide for 30+ years, so we’re proud to be offering these types of services at Smudge Beauty Bar.

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