These are our peeps,
and we love them!

group spa day
In case you are unfamiliar, each human is a bit different.
Some variances in the work performed by each aesthetician
can be expected, but rest assured that our humans are of
top quality, each with their own unique characteristics and
We believe in our humans.
These humans are tried, tested, and true. We will always
stand behind the work of each of our humans. Their
performance is as close to perfect as we’ve seen, and
while occasionally they may be prone to sudden bursts of
laughter or smack-talk, overall we think they’re pretty great!
Be warned, humans can be sassy!
nicole certified dermalogica skin therapist


Assistant Manager, Dermalogica Skin Expert, Aesthetician 6+ years of experience

Nicole joined our team during the period we don’t speak of (ugh 2020, triggered anyone?!). With ample experience, ambition abound, and a determination to make a difference with her work, and her life, Nicole has gained the practical experience needed to assume leadership of the Smudge Team in the role of Assistant Manager.
When Nicole isn’t doing services, or ensuring her boss is doing his job (Mark, you’re welcome lol!). She is either planning a vacation with her kittens by her side, or on a vacation.

A. Remove the ego from everything you do, and you’ll be unstoppable!

A. Skin care first I am a Dermalogica Expert, followed by body waxing.

A. In my spare time Im trying to learn German.

A. Lash tinting. Just get the mascara please.

A. Gilmore girls, schitts creek, superstore and titanic



Armed with 10+ years experience in aesthetics, and with
the knowledge of her RPN training, Kal’s professionalism
and saucy humour are sure to make your visit an enjoyable
Kal loves craft beer, Jake Gyllenhal, cats (the furry friends,
and the musical), and she directs the toilet paper from
under (in case that’s important for you).
Kal’s not a big fan of French manicures (like at all).
smudge beauty bar staff
A. Manicures, pedicures, brazilian waxing.
A. Jake Gyllenhal, Shia Leboeuf, Idris Elba, Kate Moss
A. Those french manicures are definitely an occupational hazard.
A. Be respectful, be efficient, be helpful, and be funny. Seriously, we are put through the rigors for that last one!
A. Are you and Rachel related? (Only in spirit)
A. Under, but I’m not a psycho about it, Mark *cough ahem*
smudge beauty bar staff



With sweetness thicker than molasses, and the fierceness of a garden gnome, Harriet’s 10+ years of experience as a professional Aesthetician shine through her flawless, detailed approach to each service she performs.
Are you obsessed with all things shiny? Oh boy, than Harriet may be the Aesthetician for you! If it’s got glitter, you can bet she’s into it!
Having mastered the art of dancing {while singing karaoke}, this busy cat-mom is sure to make your visit to Smudge one to remember!

A. I think a year after it opened?? 2014??

A. Viggo Mortensen, Richard Strickland, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise… the list goes on…

A. Don’t be a d*ck. PERIOD.


A. Gel nail extensions! My favourite I just want to do that literally all day long.

A. Arm Waxing. Please just shave your arms instead…

A. Frasier, Seinfeld and Friends are gold.



Torn between cats & dogs, Karyn has decided to love them
all. Karyn’s approach to beauty services is based on strong
communication and meticulous work. Karyn always has the
sense to make sure the toilet paper is coming from above,
because she’s not a savage.
PS.. She’s totally fine with being called Karebear.
smudge beauty bar staff
A. Karebear (it’s still stuck to this day, and I am okay with still being called it!)
A. I started in 2012 in Victoria, BC (my hometown)
A. Dancing! I grew up doing musical theatre and I taught hip hop for 8 years
A. Lash lifts, brow laminations, and waxing
A. That being no showed for an appointment is like being stood up on a date… we all know how that feels, so don’t do it!
A: Oh over. always over.
dermalogica certified skin therapist



Having been at Smudge since almost the very beginning,
Courtney is the OG Smudgeroo! Courtney’s kind,
professional approach to self-care is guaranteed to please,
and her extraordinary super-power of making even the
gnarliest of nails shine in glory, Courtney is sure to give
your hands and feet all the extra attention they’ve been
longing for.
Courtney doesn’t place a lot of importance on how the toilet paper is hung.
A. The Smudge gals call me Court, or Little Court.
A. Barry’s Bay, Ontario. #ifyoudontknowyouwillknow
A. Tom Cruise. 4 ever.
A. Natural nails. All about them natural nails!



Rachel’s favourite colour is camo. Avocados are a hard
‘no’. Leonardo DiCaprio is a hard ‘yes’. You know what
they say “there’s no accounting for taste”. While we may
not depend on Rachel’s advice for men or snacks, her
advice when it comes to self-care services is in a league of
her own. Continually advancing her skill set, this Gemini is
gonna wow you her expert level of professional knowledge
and advice.
P.S. Rachel would like you to not touch anything while your
nails are drying. Please, don’t piss her off.
smudge beauty bar staff
A. I have been named the Braz-Queen at work, I promise it will only be tender for about 8 minutes. Also, Brow Laminations are my jam!
A. Gemini. You get a little of this, and a little of that with me.

A. Let’s tear up the dance floor while we sing karaoke?

A. Leonardo DiCaprio
A. Have as much fun as possible!
A. I’d really appreciate if you didn’t touch things during your manicure and drying time. I know you need to email your boss back, but I’d like your nails not to have fuzzies or smudges, k thanks!



Kind, sweet, and a keen eye for all things beauty, Zoë has
traveled far and wide broadening her knowledge and
experience in the beauty industry. First-time clients often
wonder how Zoë gets by with her ultra-long pink nails, but
don’t let them fool you , this highly-skilled, long-taloned,
professional Aesthetician is sure to help you achieve your
nail, lash, & brow goals!
Need a pick me up? Ask Zoë for one of her bad jokes.
smudge beauty bar worker
A. November of 2019 so just over a year now, and I have loved every minute of it!
A. I started Aesthetics school in 2008 in England.
A. My bad habit as an Aesthetician is unacceptable, I’m a nail biter!
A. How do I function with my super-long nails, but don’t you fret, I can do everything perfectly!
A. What is an Astronauts favourite part of a computer? The space bar.


Junior Aesthetician 6+ months of experience

Having joined our team while still in Esthetics School,Hanna is always eager to learn and upgrade her skills.
WARNING! A service with this puppy loving, volleyball serving, bubbly ray of sunshine is sure to have you leaving with a smile on your face!
Hanna certified dermalogica skin therapist
Chelsea certified dermalogica skin therapist


Nail Artist 6+ years of experience

The crazier the longer the better! Chelsea has been on our team since August 2022, and there are very few things that can’t be put on a nail in this nail artist’s eyes.
Chelsea is always pushing her limits to see what new nail skills she can acquire, and is always happy to share her knowledge with the team.
The only time you may not see her with a smile is when you touch your fuzzy sweater with wet polish!

A: Nail Technician – focus on hard gel, Gel – X and overlays

A. What is your favourite colour?

A. Regular polish mani hehe 🤭

A. Cinderella with Brandy & Whitney Houston


Junior Aesthetician 5+ months of experience

Madison joined our team in May of 2023, while finishing up Esthetics School. This Junior Aesthetician is always putting her best foot forward to reach all her goals. Maddy is calm, cool, and collected which is sure to leave all her guests feeling refreshed, and renewed after a service with her.
When Maddy is not at work she can be found at a thrift store, making art, or playing with her cats.
Madison certified dermalogica skin therapist

A. Nails, skin care, waxing

A. Gel nail extensions, gel x, overlay etc, I really love art and detailed things. I hope to learn how to do it like the pros one day!!! I think nails are my passion❤️ I also want to get into skin care and relaxation and become very confident with waxing.

A. Honestly I like doing everything so far

A. Shameless, orange is the new black, sinner

Julia certified dermalogica skin therapist


Junior Aesthetician 8+ months

Bio under construction.


Owner, Curator & Master Stylist
25+ years experience

Bossy & weird. Full of love & unsolicited guidance.
smudge beauty bar male