10 Reasons to Get Regular Facials

Getting regular facials might seem like a time-consuming and frivolous expense but the benefits they provide are numerous and invaluable. The refreshing and cleaning they provide create advantages that serve physical and mental health purposes.

Hence the team at Smudge Beauty Bar would like you to know ten reasons to get facials on a regular basis.

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1. Regular Facials Are Cleansing

Despite your best efforts, your skin will build up contaminants over time. Dead skin cells will pile up, pores will become clogged and the skin will become rough and dry.

Facial treatments allow for deeper cleansing than you can provide at home. Your facialist can exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells gently and open up your pores to clean them thoroughly. They can also use creams with antioxidant properties and other ingredients to detoxify your skin and improve your facial skin’s health.

2. Facials Promote Blood Flow

Facials also come with massages which also improves blood circulation. When the blood flow in your face is improved, the nutrients and oxygen provided increase as well. Reduced circulation can lead to pain, cramps, numbness, dry skin, and varicose veins.

Facials will improve your overall health as they make the skin around your face healthier and facilitate the renewal of skin cells.

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3. Regular Facials Treat Skin Conditions

Skin conditions like acne, whiteheads, and blackheads can leave bumps and scars on your face. Treating those conditions yourself can worsen the condition of your skin.

Getting facials regularly can treat these conditions safely. Estheticians can use products with salicylic acid to take care of acne and extract whiteheads and blackheads safely. This allows you to receive expert skin treatments with minimal risk.

4. Facials Promote Detoxification

The massages received during facials can also stimulate the lymphatic system in your body.

This system is responsible for removing accumulated fluids that your cardiovascular system moves through your body. When left behind, the accumulated fluid (also known as lymph) causes swelling, puffiness and ruddiness.

Getting facials regularly can stimulate the lymphatic system to remove the toxins gathering under your skin and improve your circulation and general well-being.

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5. Regular Facials Smoothen Skin

As you grow older, your skin loses begins to develop lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. This mostly happens as a result of dehydration and the reduced production of collagen.

Facials can help reverse these effects. The products used can rehydrate the skin and improve its absorption even more. The entire process also stimulates collagen production which helps reduce those signs of aging like wrinkles and lines. This gives you smoother, more youthful skin.

6. Facials Are Relaxing

Getting facials allow you to get out of a busy work schedule of a tumultuous house life to relieve your stress for a few hours. The calm ambience combined with the procedure creates an atmosphere of tranquillity that disconnects you from the demands of everyday life. The relaxation provided will boost your mental health significantly.

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7. Regular Facials Improve Your Appearance

Getting a facial regularly will improve your overall appearance. The removal of dead skin cells and waste clears up the appearance of dull skin and improves your complexion. This glowing look can work on its own or be enhanced by makeup if you choose. Makeup application is also improved by spa facials, allowing you to use only what you need.


8. Facials Increase Your Self-Confidence

The boost receiving facials regularly can give to your confidence is immeasurable. Your improved appearance from facials will make you less self-conscious in professional and social situations. This allows you to perform better in those spaces, increasing your productivity at work and allowing you to form stronger relationships with friends and family.

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9. Regular Facials Can be Tailored to Your Needs

There is skincare advice almost everywhere you turn in this day and age. While some of it is helpful, a lot of it conflicts with one another and none of them can account for the unique makeup of your skin.

Hence, getting facials periodically can help you tackle situations and conditions that are unique to your skin.

10. Facials Give You Access to Expert Opinions

Getting facials regularly puts you in contact with expert therapists and estheticians. This allows them to monitor your skin’s condition and give you advice on measures you can take on your own to improve your skin’s health and appearance. You can also ask for advice in matters that relate to the care of your skin and the type of products you should be using. This exchange of information facilitates the improved health and appearance of your face.

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